About Us

About Us

AboutAt DOC DMC we’re not Oenologists, we are Winelovers!

We have come a long way before creating DOC-DMC. 

Managing events, organizing Incentive programs and marketing destinations have allowed us to gain a solid know-how about travel and event logistics, best connections in our area and profound knowledge of our destination – Portugal. 

The Passion we have for our work and for Portugal  are the key factors to our success.   
DOC stands for the quality and authenticity of the services we provide.

Winelands Portugal is the brand that stands for our product:

Showing the best of Portugal , its landscapes and its people through its amazing wines and gastronomic Heritage is our Mission





Why Wine tours to Portugal

  • Wine is one of Portugal’s greatest richnesses!
  • Despite it’s small area, Portugal is nowadays among the most important wine producing countries in the world
  • The Douro was the first ever D.O.C. Region in the world with its denomination set in 1756
  • Portugal has more than 200 indegenous grapes
  • With this great variety of indegenous grapes and a specific atlantic climate Portugal has all the conditions to reach the highest ranking among wine producing countries
  • Portugal‘s gastronomy is as diversified as its landscapes.  
  • Pairing delicious portuguese food with the countries amazing wines  is the  perfect key to discover the essence of this wonderful country.