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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions aim to describe the procedures applicable to the use of the online booking service for Wine Tourism activities, made available by the Winelands.pt platform.

In addition to the terms described here, the booking process is also conditioned by the individual terms of each service provider, namely the booking procedures, availability or cancellation policy. These terms are simultaneously available with the description of each activity.

By registering on the platform, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions. By confirming the reservation (or booking request), you also accept all conditions of the service, including the cancellation policy.

We reserve the right to change and/or update these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice, so you should consult the conditions periodically and prior to making reservations on the platform.


1. The Service Provided by Winelands Portugal

The platform www. winelands.pt presents some of the best Wine Tourism proposals in Portugal such as tastings, day or half day excursions and wine escapes. The activities are selected and created by DOC DMC together with its partners as touristic animation companies, wine estates, restaurants and hotels exclusively located in Portuguese territory. Our booking and coordination service fee is already included in our rates as well as all taxes and VAT.

By making a reservation on the platform you will enter into a contractual relationship with DOC DMC lda , the company that owns the platform and a travel agency licensed by Turismo doe Portugal.


2. User Registration

To make reservations, comments, you will have to register on the platform, where your personal data will be requested. You will be responsible for the truthfulness and timeliness of these data, as well as any activity that occurs in your account. During the registration, you will have to accept the conditions described here, confirming your reading and understanding. If you wish, you may cancel your account, on your own initiative, at any time, without any kind of consideration.


3. Reservation procedure

On the platform www.winelands.pt there are two booking models:

3.1 Reservations Subject to Confirmation
The reservation is made subject to reconfirmation and DOC DMC has 72 hours to validate it (considering the days of work of the partners, the deadline for confirmation may be longer). After making the reservation request, you will receive an e-mail with the details of the pending reservation. If the request is accepted, the reservation will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all the data regarding the service purchased. If the reservation is not validated, DOC DMC will suggest an alternative that will be similar in terms of values and Quality of the service requested.

3.2 Reservations with Immediate
Confirmation In this model, reservations are automatically accepted and confirmed by the system. In this model you will receive, immediately after making the reservation, an e-mail confirming your purchase and confirmation of payment. The voucher with all the details of your booking will be sent to you closer to the date of your trip/experience.

3.3 Special Reservation Conditions
In some experiences there may be special conditions for groups or discounts for children . Please ask for this special conditions when booking.

3.4 Offering Experiences
The user will have the opportunity to acquire an activity to offer to third parties. When booking in this modality you will select the number of people to enjoy the experience, but not the date. After validation and payment, a voucher of the respective experience will be issued and sent to an address you indicate (your own or a third party's). The voucher is valid for 6 (six) months and you will need to book it directly with Winelands (www.winelands.pt) in order to schedule the date to realise the respective experience.

3.5 Deadline for Reservations

Not all products at Winelands.pt are of immediate reservation. Depending on the type of confirmation and payment, the period of antecedence necessary to make a reservation is the following:

  • Reservations by validation, at least 10 days before your arrival date Confirmation within 72-hour;
  • Automatic reservations, 48-hour booking restriction;

Payments by multibanco reference:

  • Reservations by validation, please reserve until at least 10 days vefore arrival date. Reconfirmation within 72 hours. Payment within 24 hours of confirmaton;
  • Automatic reservations,: reservation and payment until 48 hours before arrival date at latest. No reservation can be made more than 6 months in advance.


4. Cancellation Policy

All cancellations, either on your own initiative or on the initiative of DOC DMC must be made in writing to the e-mail indicated on the platform.

4.1 The cancellation policy will vary according to the activity and will be indicated in the description of each activity. For full day excursions and experiences the cancellation period without charge is 72 hours or 3 working days before the chosen date. For bookings with accommodation (weekends) the cancellation deadline without cost will be up to 10 days before the estimated date of arrival.

4.2 DOC DMC lda is responsible for managing the process of returning funds to partners and transferring them to the client. The funds will be returned to the customer by bank transfer.

4.3 If the cancellation occurs at the initiative of DOC DMC lda , Customers will be fully refunded for the amount paid, unless otherwise agreed between the customer and the agency.

4.4 If the cancellation, at your initiative, is made fulfilling all the criteria described in the respective cancellation policy, the total amount of the reservation will be returned, minus a handlingfee fee of 2% of the total purchase price.

4.5 In case of late cancellations, where the cancellation policy has not been fully complied with, part or all of the amount paid for the experience may be retained. This information is described in the activity cancellation policy. In situations where there is a refund there will also be a 2% handling fee which will be subtracted by DOC DMC lda on the return of funds to the client.

4.6 If you do not fully comply with the cancellation policy, or do not show up at the place and time the service is scheduled, you will not be refunded.

4.7 If there is any change in the characteristics of the activity (time, place, service, among others) it will be communicated to you by DOC DMC via e-mail at the latest two working days before the date of the activity.

4.8 The return of funds in situations of reimbursement to the client, will be made within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days.

For questions regarding the use of the platform, or any other type of support required, DOC DMC /Winelands Portugal provides the following forms of contact:

a) E-mail: info@winelands.pt
b) Telephone: 218680847 / 964069832
c) Online chat

Winelands team office hours Mon. to Fri. 10h00-19h.


5. Evaluation System

After enjoying an activity, you will be invited, via e-mail (or you may also do so on your own initiative directly on the experience page), to comment on your experience and give a score for certain aspects. DOC DMC lda reserves the right to check, validate and publish these comments and scores.


6. Ways of Payment

Winelands.ie/DOC DMC lda uses payment processing systems that guarantee total security, speed and simplicity in your reservations.
Reservations can be paid directly with your PayPal account (PayPal Holdings, Inc) by transferring the funds to DOC DMC lda , without providing any credit card details.
For credit card, Visa or Mastercard payments, you have two options: Via the Paypal platform or, via the Hipay platform with your credit card, Visa, Master or Visa Electron.
You can also pay via a multibanco reference or by bank transfer. In short it has 4 forms of payments:

  1. With credit card (Visa, Master Card) via Paypal account;
  2. With credit card (Visa, Master Card) via Hipay;
  3. Multibanco Reference
  4. Bank transfer.

These payment options are selected by you in the checkout process. Considering the characteristics of the reservation models on the platform, payment can be processed in two different ways:

6.1 Automated Reservations
For activities that have automatic booking validation, the payment processing (for Winelands.pt ) will be immediate (Payments via PayPal and credit card), right after the booking process is completed. Whenever you choose to pay by multibanco reference the payment must be made within a maximum of 24 hours after our reconfirmation.

6.2 Reservations Under Confirmation
For activities that need to be reconfirmed by DOC DMC lda/Winelands, a deposit will be requested to guarantee the reservation. The remaining amount will have to be paid after reconfirmation by DOCDMC/Winelands. If the reservation request cannot be confirmed, DOC DMC will suggest an alternative. If the alternative is not accepted, the deposit paid will be refunded. Where you choose to pay by Multibanco reference, the booking request will be issued first, and after our confirmation,Customers will have to respect a 24 hours deadline to make the respective payment.

Payment will be available in Euro. DOC DMC lda/Winelands.com cannot be held responsible for payments not made due to incorrect or incomplete information of the customer data. If you do not make the payment by Multibanco reference within the deadline, the reservation request will be cancelled.


7. Personal Data Protection

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you consent to DOC DMC lda/Winelands collecting, processing and storing your personal data (described in detail in the Privacy Policy). DOC DMC lda /Winelands declares that it will maintain the appropriate security procedures in what consists in controlling access to the confidential information of its users. It also declares that it will process and access any information concerning the personal data of its customers, in accordance with the applicable rules of law, considering the rules of the Personal Data Protection Act (Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016).

7.1 DOC DMC lda /Winelands uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to encrypt, and protect, customers' personal information. Your payment details will never be stored on the Winelands.com platform.

7.2 DOC DMC lda /Winelands has the right to cancel any reservation if there is a reasonable suspicion of misuse of the card or identity of the User.

7.3 DOC DMC lda/Winelands acknowledges that it is responsible for the security of customer personal information, which it processes and stores as part of this service. DOC DMC lda/Winelands is not responsible for misuse or disclosure of customer information by cooperation partners .


8. Payment Rates

8.1 The fees arising from the online payment process will be borne by DOC DMC lda.

8.2 In cases of cancellation at the initiative of the user, the funds to be returned a handlingfee of 2% of the amount to be refunded will be charged.

8.3 In cases of cancellation at the initiative of DOC DMC lda, no processing costs will be retained.


9. Travel Insurance

The activities on the platform do not include individual travel insurance, so we recommend that you contract a travel insurance prior to enjoying the experiences, which includes, medical expenses, travel cancellation and other related losses.


10. Client's Ombudsman

Complaints, claims or requests concerning the provision of services, should be made by email and in a timely manner in order to give DOC DMC /Winelands the opportunity to correct, solve faults or service not corresponding to the reserved. As an organizer/intermediary DOC DMC always offers support and intermediation in the correction of the service poorly provided or the proposal of alternative equivalent services.

In case of disputes, and under Law 144/2015 of 8 September, we inform you that you may resort to the following Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entities:

a) Client Ombudsman of Travel Agencies and Tourism, through the contacts:
Address: Rua Duque de Palmela, 2-1º Dtº, 1250-098 Lisboa
Telephone: 213553010
Email: provedor@provedorapavt.com
Website: www.provedorapavt.com

b) Portuguese Tourism Arbitration Commission at www.turismodeportugal.pt;

c) or any of the entities duly indicated in the list made available by the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs at www.consumidor.pt, which we advise you to consult.

These Terms and Conditions, the provision of the services by the partners and all the content present in the platform, will be governed by Portuguese law, any legal dispute will be the competence of the competent court in Lisbon, Portugal.