The Best Fish Experience - Porto

110.00 / ticket(s)
VAT exemption Decreto-Lei 221/85
Price reductions

The Portuguese Atlantic coastline is a true haven for fish lovers.

During this tour you will accompany the process that takes the best fish from the ocean to your table!

Start your day waiting for the fishermen’s boats arrival to the beach and take the time to appreciate the catch of the day. These are local fishermen that venture out to the sea every day with relentless determination and extreme bravery.

Continue on with a visit to the fish market, where the fishermen arrive early in the morning with the fresh catch in order to trade with the local fish sellers. Assist the bargaining process and enjoy the lively ambience and the thrill of choosing the best fish possible.

At the end of the morning visit one of the top quality canning factory that uses specialized manual labor to ensure the best flavor. Located in Matosinhos this premium canning factory tells almost 100 years of history.

Finish this activity enjoying e delicious lunch at a local fish restaurant savouring the highest quality fresh fish that only Matosinhos can offer.

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